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Wilson Trial Group’s principal Dennis P. Wilson has been providing full-service litigation to clients for over two decades. The law firm focuses on aggressively representing its clients’ interests effectively from the inception of a dispute through trial. Wilson Trial Group has successfully represented numerous clients in matters involving complex international business litigation, class action and individual wage and hour cases, employment discrimination and retaliation cases, dissolutions of marriage cases from complex international business matters to small business or individual asset matters, entertainment litigation and contracts as well as many other types of legal disputes. The firm’s success comes from so many years of experience representing clients from all walks of life in varied types of matters and our hands on approach. Dennis P. Wilson Delivering tangible and cost-effective results to clients and has obtained verdicts and settlements for clients in the seven-figures. With over 25 years of hands-on involvement in high-intensity litigation and hundreds of trials including over 60 jury trials, Wilson Trial Group’s principal possesses the experience and resources to effectively prosecute almost any case through jury trial.

Wilson Trial Group is regularly retained by litigation firms in the Los Angeles area and elsewhere in the state, to try its cases as they near trial. Wilson Trial Group\'s ability to prepare for trial expertly and under extreme time pressures has served its law firm clients well and garnered Wilson Trial Group a reputation for being the professionals to call in an emergency litigation situation. While Wilson Trial Group specializes in civil litigation, the firm has realized excellent results for clients in family law, criminal law, class action and other employment cases. While law and procedures vary in these differing areas of law, assertive representation by counsel and mastery of the underlying laws of evidence by the firm has produced excellent results for its clients. From obtaining one of the largest defamation verdicts in the history of California\'s Central Valley, to obtaining various multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts, successfully resolving a $100,000,000 divorce matter, obtaining a hung jury in a murder trial, Dennis P. Wilson’s firm has the resources and experience necessary to bring any legal matter to a comprehensive and meaningful conclusion that best serves its clients\' interests.

The Private Defenders
Trial Lawyer of the Year

"I am very grateful to receive this Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer of the Year award from The Private Defenders of California. Our client David Green was accused of a double execution murder and after a number of weeks in a grueling trial and over a week in jury deliberations Judge Coen declared a mistrial as the jury was hopelessly hung and could not reach a verdict."

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